Using Tesla Finance to get the latest electric car

Using Tesla Finance to get the latest electric car

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The Telsa model X has long been my sports car of choice, this month I took the plunge and used Tesla Finance to make my latest purchase, so this is my blog discussing how you can do this too! I’ve bought previous models of Tesla outright meaning that I’ve had to hand over substantial sums of money to dealerships, now I’ve typically bought my cars 3 years old to avoid the major devaluations that occur in the first 3 years of any cars life. By waiting 3 years to buy a car, it’s very easy to get over a 50% reduction in the actual price being paid. Yes, it’s true that you’re car isn’t cutting edge and has previously been driven by someone else but if you pick your seller carefully, you can get a real bargain.

There’s no doubt though that if you have the ability to pay with cash rather than having to use car finance then you’re going to be in a stronger position. It’ll always remain a fact that it’s much easier to bargain with a car dealership with cash than it is when they are supplying you with Tesla financing. Generally though, if you’re looking to keep a healthy bank balance, a Tesla with a good finance rate can prove to be an excellent option.

How I used Tesla finance to my advantage

There are many types of BMW finance on offer out there if you take a little time to shop around. There are also different kinds of agreements that you can use, as an example, it may be worth looking into higher purchase agreements, which involve an upfront fee which reduces future payments before you buy your car.

So you’ve figured out how you’re going to pay for your new Tesla X3, what can you expect from the latest installment of these magnificent cars I hear you ask? Well, I recently test drove one in my local Tesla dealership and I have to say both the handling and acceleration show vast improvements over previous years. They really have pulled out all the stops with the latest supercar.