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Services Provided by UKOWLA

Social Media

We facilitate communication both between members and with the wider linking community through social media (Facebook).
Our page provides a forum for discussions between members on current linking news and events. It also provides an opportunity to showcase our members activities.
In addition we are developing the use of Twitter, Blogs and shortly hope to have a members forum, to share resources and thoughts about linking.

Electronic Newsletters

OWL - detailed newsletter which is published three times a year with detailed news and case studies. Back copies available in the Owlery
OWLET - provides news in brief to keep our members upto date of the latest developments in linking and the activities of members.

Email Helpline

We give e-mail advice to individuals and groups who are either ‘thinking of linking’ or have established partnerships. Please contact us for details of how we can support and inspire you.



Learning From Your Link

Addressing and learning about community health issues through partnership linking.
Practical and innovative ways to learn and take action on global health issues (Millennium Development Goals, malaria, HIV/AIDS, waterborne diseases, etc) through your partnership link. A consideration of opportunities for learning about local health issues from your link. Includes opportunities for discussion around mutually beneficial projects and suggestions. Review of exciting resource materials to engage others with community health issues through your link.

  1. Target Audience Adults, general, community links, KS3/4 schools &teachers and health professionals.

  2. Duration 1 day (5 hours, lunch not included).

  3. Cost £30 per person - Minimum 10 people or £300 for bespoke workshop for one linking group with up to 20 people.

Capacity Building for your Link

To identify opportunities for, and good practice in, fundraising for partnership linking
Participatory activities to investigate equitable and mutually beneficial fundraising for partnership links. Includes existing guidance booklets and UKOWLA good practice leaflets to take away.

  1. Target Audience Sectors of community links.

  2. Duration ½ day (2 ½ hours).

  3. Cost £20 per person, minimum 10 people Or £200 for workshop arranged and hosted by a link group for up to 20 people.

Governance and Capacity Building

Linking projects from idea to application.
This active session can be used as the basis of project ideas for projects with overseas partners. Used as a creative thinking tool, ideas can be generated and then developed prior to being written up, potentially as a project application for external funding or for presentation to partners for further discussion.

  1. Target Audience All links.

  2. Duration ½ day (2 ½ hours).

  3. Cost £30 per person, minimum10 people. Cost saving option available.

Community Cohesion/Social Inclusion through your School Link

How can I link international projects with my community?
This workshop will explore simple and practical ways of achieving the community cohesion duty through a joined-up approach to community involvement in a range of international projects. Find out how cross-curricular concepts like global citizenship, equity and sustainability can be put into practice through simple activities suitable for all ages and subject areas.
Recommended for teachers, school leaders and local authority advisers from any educational phase or subject area. Suitable for all levels of international / global experience including complete beginners.

  1. Target Audience Education; teachers, school leaders and Governors, Local Authority personnel

  2. Duration ½ day (3 hours)

  3. Cost £30 per person minimum 10 people.

Linking Project & Learning from your Link

What Matters to Me; learning about yourself and your link.
A linking activity to explore values, attitudes and perceptions we have of each others communities and lives. During the first day, you will investigate stereotypes and the power that photos and artefacts/objects have to inform or mis-inform. Critical reflection on your own community and life will enable you to be set an activity to collect and complete before the second day.
During the second day (1 month later), you will focus on the ‘collect and complete’ activity set last time. The day will be spent forming your own ‘resource’ that you will duplicate and share with your link partner.

  1. Target Audience KS3/4 pupils, youth group

  2. Duration 2 days (that are up to 1 month apart)

  3. Cost £750 Contact the UKOWLA office to discuss group size.