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About Us

What is UKOWLA?

UKOWLA is a member organisation dedicated to promoting good practice in community linking in the UK with communities in developing countries.


We believe that equitable linking between individuals, communities and countries can help to bring about a more just and sustainable world.


As a leading membership organisation for world - wide linking to reach out and influence all of those involved, to enhance the scope and performance of their links, thereby accelerating progress towards a more just, informed and tolerant society with greater social cohesion and mutual understanding, ultimately reducing tension and contributing to world peace. We aim to achieve this through the expertise and experience of our membership, excellence of our communications, advice, guidance and support.


Mutual respect for cultural, social and religious diversity is a basic tenet of partnership and that true and lasting friendship is a pre-requisite for the promotion of understanding between people of widely differing cultures.

Management and Governance

UKOWLA has a board of trustees that determines the strategic direction of the organisation. There is also a Director (who advises the trustees) and a number of other staff who provide management services and in general implement the policies decided by the trustees. Their principal function is to provide information, support and advice to members and organise events that will allow networking between members and with people from other organisations. Trustees and staff are members of various local and national working and representative groups.


  1. Sandra Aldworth

  2. Cristina Bennet - Minutes Secretary

  3. Steve Curtis - Chair of Trustees

  4. Lynn Cutler

  5. Averil Newsam - Membership Secretary

  6. Peter Reid

Voluntary Staff

  1. Sandra Aldworth - Accounts