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Welcome to UKOWLA

Leaders in Linking

Sharing good practice for global partnership links

The UK One World Linking Association (UKOWLA) is a membership organisation which inspires and supports links between like minded communities on every continent, through friendship, equality and solidarity.

Schools - Communities - Local Authorities - Women - Faith - Health - Youth

Linking Partnerships are about

  1. Building worldwide friendships

  2. Welcoming other cultures and ideas

  3. Travelling to new places

  4. Keeping an open mind on big issues

  5. Listening and learning

  6. Working to improve all our lives

Benefits of UKOWLA Membership

  1. Regular electronic newsletters (OWLET)

  2. A linking magazine three times per year (OWL)

  3. Discounted Toolkit of Good Practice

  4. Free Advice, Support and Mentoring

  5. Representation at National Level

  6. Visa Advice and Support

  7. Preferential Rates for Conferences and Workshops

  8. Opportunities to advertise events

UKOWLA Toolkit of Good Practice

Opportunities and Challenges

Archbishop Desmond Tutu launches UKOWLA ToolkitWhether an established link or just getting started, the UKOWLA Toolkit of Good Practice will help you to take the right steps and avoid pitfalls as you progress through the various stages of linking. It will help you to widen the scope of your activities, improve the quality, benchmark progress and identify areas for improvement - It is a 'must have' publication for anyone serious about linking.

Updates and Discussion